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Medicare Philosophy and Values

Values: honesty, professionality, respect, empathy, humility and efficiency.

Mission: Provide urgent care to patients in their hotel o address with a strict medical criteria, centered on the person and the problem, with professionality, diligence, sincerity and humanity. Offer the best solution for the pacient’s health problem.

Vision: our framework, based on general medicine and foreign patient medical assistance, includes:

  • Initial contact: establish close communication between the patient and the doctor, avoiding intermediaries which make the process slower and dearer. Localize la location and y consider the urgency grade. Directy arrange the doctor’s going depending on the severity and the access posibilities to the required location.
  • Medical assistance: centered on the person and the problem, with professionality and empathy, using experience and knowledge in the urgent medicine field on turistic destination. The patient tells the health problem and the doctor directs the interview so as to reach, after a proper medical examination, to the diagnose and its best treatment, reccomending if necessary, to complete the diagnose or treatment in a medical center properly equipped for it.
  • Cost of the service: must be adjusted to the received assistance. Fees must be known by the pacient previos to the assistance, being published on the website with absolute transparency. Prices are never superior to the average usual fees an the medical centers of the area.
  • Concern for the environmet: our implication is maximum. Waste is managed on the most proper way. We care about being responsible citizens who help for a sustainable community.

Medical Staff

Main differences: ¿Why should you trust us?

Medicare iniciative emerges from the willing to offer a top quality, responsible and eficient medical assistance for the tourists who visit our region.

We care about your opinion, therefore, we will be grateful if you could share with us your experience.