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Recommendations for adults with acute diarrhea.

Recommendations for adults with acute diarrhea.



Recommendations for diarrhea – Guide for rehidratation and oral nourishing

During 12-24 hours you shouldn’t have any food, have a liquid diet just having oralsuero or Sueroral hiposodico, at least two or three liters per day. If you are vomitins you should drink

Little sips or you can evenhave it with a spoon.

After 12-24 hours and when your depositions are regular (3-4 per day), you ‘ll be able to start a soft diet gradually in order to come back to your normal diet later on.


Recommended food:

Boiled rice, mashed potatoes, semolina, gelatinezed products, hard boiled eggs or poached eggs, boiled white fish, white bread, strained broth (made of rice, carrots and celery).


Not recommended:

Vegetables, cabbage, coliflower, sauces, any type of fat. Fried eggs, chips, spices, any type os sweets, coffe, tea, cacao, nuts, almonds, alcohol.



  1. If you can’t have any liquids, you must go to the hospital.
  1. If after 24-48 hours you continue having diarrhea (more than 3 liquid depositions per day), you must go to the doctor.
  2. If you are having high temperature, you must go to the doctor.
  3. Don’t have any fried food or sauces until four or five days after the diarrhea has finished.

The use of a probiotic (for example: casenfilus) is recommended to regenerate completely the intestinal flora.


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